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High Impact Opportunities and Resources



Make the Most of Your Time at the U

The following resources are featured in terms of their relevance and importance for transfer students. Many of the videos/workshop recordings feature transfer students speaking about their experiences setting up and participating in the office or resource that is presented.

    • Featuring transfer students Zack (Hinckley Global Internship, Australia) and Emily (U of U Presidential Internship) talking about their internship experiences


    • Featuring Emma (Grenoble, France) and Audri (Egypt) Learning Abroad experiences

    • Featuring Brinley (Italy), Hallie (Lyon, France), Teju (Utah Asia Campus, South Korea), and Chanel (Rome, Italy & Barcelona, Spain) Learning Abroad experiences

    • Featuring Vlada (Munich, Germany) and Ailed (Chile, Argentina & Peru) Learning Abroad experiences

    • Featuring Claudia (U of U alumni who was a transfer student undergraduate researcher), Priscilla (current transfer student researcher), and Dr. Christie Toth (U of U Writing and Rhetoric Studies professor who worked with Claudia and Priscilla)

    • Featuring Cameron (U of U alumni who was a transfer student undergraduate researcher in Biology), and Dr. Bruce Gale (Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Microfluidics professor who worked with Cameron)

Academic and Career Resources

    • ChatGPT and the University Writing Center 

Student Involvement & Affinity Based Resources

College Specific Resources

  • College of Humanities, Writing & Rhetoric Studies (WRS)
    • No matter what your major or career goals, writing will be important to your success. The Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies (WRS) is here to help you become an effective and flexible writer in your U classes and beyond.
  • College of Science, Science Research Initiative (SRI)
    • The (SRI) program offers College of Science students the opportunity to participate in discovery-based scientific research starting your first day on campus, with no prior research experience required. The SRI will jumpstart your path of academic success, and give you needed skills to prepare for an internship or a career - whether that's in a research lab, an office, or one of the many other opportunities open to our graduates.
Last Updated: 11/20/23